We have a cast!



Keith Foster and Henrik Norman

We are very excited to welcome two new actors into the SEST family for this winter’s production of ‘The God of Carnage’: KEITH FOSTER and HENRIK NORMAN! The play will open at Teater Brunnsgatan 4 in mid February and SEST-founders Kristina Leon and Ingela Lundh will take on the female leads. We also have a great production team consisting of both new and familiar faces: Samuele Caldognetto, Cheryl Murphy, Josefina Ehlin, Suzanne Earle and Bethany Thompson.


We’re back!




We are currently planning our winter production which will open at an exciting venue in the centre of Stockholm in February! Auditions for two new male cast memebers will be held throughout September.

Please have a look at our ad in Artiskatalogen for further information:


We look forward to hearing from you!

Sam, Kristina, Cheryl and Ingela