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Drama workshop for students ranging from 12 to 19 years old.

A chance for your students to develop their English through improvisation, drama, fun and physical exercise. SEST offers a 90 minute workshop for your students to let them develop their English and give them the courage to use it in a fun and creative way. The workshops are led by members of SEST, all of whom are professionally trained actors and directors. We like to work closely with the teacher/s prior to visiting your school to find out what specific needs your students have and how they can benefit and get the most out of the SEST workshop experience.

Feedback from year 6 students at Internationella Engelska Skolan in Täby, January 2017

“The team building exercises were good for our class.”

“It was very fun, it was interesting to see how the lady worked and how it could be to be an actor”.

Romeo and Juliet

‘Romeo and Juliet’ Workshop for schools for students ranging from 13 to 19 years old

SEST is offering a unique opportunity for students to experience Shakespeare through a dynamic, educational and entertaining workshop on Romeo and Juliet.

We take the students on a walking tour through the plot, discussing the main themes and motivations of the characters and occasionally stopping to perform some of the most poignant scenes of the play.

If you are interested in booking our workshop or would like to have more information, please get in touch!

Feedback from year 9 students at Stockholm International School, April 2017.

“Very interactive. Fun activities such as learning the rhythm of reading Shakespeare.

“I liked how people from the audience got to participate in some of the scenes.”

“I liked the fact that we could share our opinions about Shakespeare and that we were included in the play.”

Feedback from year 9 students at Oxbacksskolan in Södertälje, January 2017

“I think that you really made the play feel alive. It almost felt like I was watching the ‘real’ Romeo and Juliet.”

” I liked how you summarized the play in a fun and educative way and that you let us participate in the play. I got to learn more about the different parts of the play and how to pronounce old English words in a correct way.”

” We got to hear different kinds of English accents, which gives everyone a better understanding of the English language.”

Feedback from year 7 students at Internationella Engelska Skolan in Täby, December 2015. 
“My favourite was the sword fight where we got to shout at each other. It created a very dramatic atmosphere!”

“I liked when the actors were a bit silly. It made everyone relax and not be afraid to join in.”

“I thought Kristina was a really good actor because she acted with her eyes too.”

“I would improve the workshop by having costumes for some of the volunteers to dress up in.”

November 2014, Alexandra Hultqvist, teacher at Realgymnasiet in Stockholm.

“After working with Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet in the classroom my students felt that it was a great experience to see the play come alive through the acting of SEST. From a teacher’s perspective, the fact that SEST made my students take part in the acting (to understand how important it is to not only read but actually act out Shakespeare) as well as discuss and analyse the play was really awarding. It made the students realize that you can do so much more with a play than just watch it. It also gave them the tools to continue to work with the play on their own in the classroom. If you have the chance, I would truly recommend you to have SEST come to your school and work with your students!”


This workshop aims to give your students a greater confidence when presenting themselves or a project in front of an audience.
Through fun and dynamic exercises, the students are given tools that they can take with them as they embark on their professional careers.
SEST will work to improve voice, body language, variation and personal style.

Feedback from the students at Bromma Folkhögskola, March 2016.

“I got a lot out of the workshop and it was interesting to reflect upon how we behave in different situations. You are very skilled pedagogues and overall you succeeded in capturing everyone’s interest. Good luck with future assignments!”

“In my opinion you managed the trick of engaging, encouraging and prompting us to take part without feeling forced or under any pressure. You gave me 90 memorable minutes. A big thank you!”

“I really appreciated your visit a lot. It was fun and rewarding to listen to you and to take part in the drama exercises. It was even more fun to see everyone else get out of their comfort zones and it seemed like most people enjoyed it. Well done!”


A Midsummer Night's Dream

A 45 minute show for kids and young adults from 13 years and upwards. A journey into Shakespeare featuring extracts from: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Much Ado About Nothing, Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, Hamlet, Macbeth and Richard III. Touching on ever burning issues such as love, arranged marriage, the abuse of power and bullying.

The show tours schools. For more info and price quotes please contact the company.

Video-Romeo and Juliet fight scene

Feedback from students 10-11 October at Confidencen: 14-year old boy:’It’s about our lives!’ 10-year old girl: ‘Swords! Witches!…Swords! 14-year old boy:’I recognized some conflicts in my own family..’ 17-year old girl: ‘I was impressed how you managed to play completely different characters believably, like Juliet and the Queen. You really seemed like two different people!’ 17-year old boy: ‘How did you manage to change costumes so quickly?’ Teacher Lycée Francais: ‘Thank you for presenting us with such accessible, fun and good quality Shakespeare!’



Shakespeare’s greatest thriller, a tale of ambition, murder and the supernatural, as told by 3 actors playing multiple roles. Macbeth opened on Friday the 13th of November 2015 in a thirteenth century cellar in Gamla Stan and despite the superstitious omens it was a roaring success. Adapted to focus on the core story, this version makes it easy for any student to follow the classical poetic language. It begins with a meeting with the three wicked witches and ends in a gut- clenching sword fight.
This Macbeth will bring Shakespeare to life for today’s teenagers.
Using only sound effects and a relatively small acting space, Macbeth will tour schools around Stockholm autumn 2017 through to spring 2018.