The Brit Season


A Double Bill! Two contemporary British one-act plays in one night:

‘Judith’ by Howard Barker and ‘Contractions’ by Mike Bartlett at Teater Brunnsgatan Fyra.


Judith, A Parting from the Body by Howard Barker

Judith: Kristina Leon

Holofernes: Keith Foster

The Servant: Bethany Thompson

Director: Samuele Caldognetto/Ingela Lundh

The story of Judith is an old Hebrew legend. With Israel about to be crushed, she enters the tent of the enemy General, Holofernes, intending to seduce and then kill him.

In Howard Barker’s retelling of the event, Judith discovers she is unable to contain her own feelings for Holofernes and the encounter becomes a complex psychological duel in which weaknesses are played as strengths and seduction and deception become a two-way process. Her assassination attempt is transformed into a compelling study of intense desire and the sometimes terrifying nature of love.

‘We are suffocated by writers who want to enlighten us with their truths. For me, the theatre is beautiful because it is a secret, and secrets seduce us, we all want to share secrets’                Howard Barker



Contractions by Mike Bartlett

The Manager: Ingela Lundh

Emma: Cheryl Murphy

Director: Samuele Caldognetto/Kristina Leon

Contractions is inspired by real-life ‘Love Clauses’ that dictate the nature and extent of office relationships. Contractions questions what people are willing to surrender for job security, and how much humanity one can really trade just to make a profit.

Emma’s boss lays down some very tough company rules. Good jobs are scarce.
How far will Emma go to keep hers?

‘People being awful to each other is very entertaining’ Mike Bartlett

Contractions2 copy Contractions