4.48 Psychosis


4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane was SESTs first production as a company. It was performed at Teaterverket in September of 2010 to much acclaim.

Actor: Kristina Leon
Voice: Ingela Lundh
Director and scenography: Samuele Caldognetto

About 4.48 Psychosis and our production:

Sarah Kane wrote 4:48 Psychosis at the age of 28 but she never saw it performed as she committed suicide shortly afterwards. The play deals with themes such as depression, suicide and mental illness and we would like, amongst other things, to show that the human being in Kane’s play is overwhelmingly human, (and not a lunatic with froth around the mouth who doesn’t know what she is talking about). A person with fundamental needs, who longs to be loved, noticed, understood, to escape the nightmare that is depression and to,in Sarah Kane’s own words, ‘be free’.