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Review by Ruby Jand on Facebook 16-11-2015

Ruby Jand

Macbeth – SEST – Musikvalvet 15.11.15

We saw it!
With a cast of three in a crowded 14th century cellar in Stockholm’s Old Town, Macbeth is brought to very close-up life. The three sisters do not appear physically but their eerie voices (one of them remarkably like Moaning Myrtle in the Harry Potter films) are very strong. Sound effects and lighting create all the imagination we need for the abbreviated story. One of the spectators in the front row was given the chance to play Banquo’s son Fleance by holding Banquo’s sword and lantern. The play was performed both in the tiny bar and in the almost-as-tiny theatre. Very atmospheric but sorry, not for wheelchairs, barely for crutches.
The cast; Keith Foster as Macbeth, Kristina Leon as Lady Macbeth and the versatile and hard-working Richard Asker as Banquo, Macduff and Seyton are brilliant. To mention a few examples of many: The domestic scenes with husband and wife are other than having a murder on their minds, excellently ordinary. Lady Macbeth’s ‘out damned spot’ monologue, Macduff’s ‘all dead’? monologue and Macbeth’s ‘tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow’ monologue with his wife’s dead body in his arms – are all heart-breaking.
There are a few performances left. Do not miss this play!